Digital Inclusion Summit: ICTs are key to personal empowerment

The Digital Inclusion Summit in San Antonio welcomed more than 100 people for a conference at the Central Library. During the event, different presenters talked about the challenges of promoting digital inclusion both in terms of skills and access to infrastructure.

Another relevant topic that was discussed is the access to services such as applying for job opportunities, paying bills or accessing educational resources. According to Molly Cox, president and CEO of SA2020, digital inclusion is key to personal empowerment.  “How can you fill out a college application without internet access? How do you look for a job? How do you sign up for health care without an email?” she said.

In the end, participants discussed about the relevance of public and private partnerships to promote training and digital literacy. The initiatives of organizations such as Google Fiber, the Housing Authority and local ConnectHome partners were mentioned as examples of this model.

Source: The Rivard Report