Seattle invests $404,000 USD to promote access to ICTs through community-led projects

The city of Seattle will issue $404,000 USD to community-led projects to increase equal access to technology resources through low-cost broadband, availability of specialized devices, technical support and digital literacy skills enhancement. These grants will consist in awards of up to $50,000 USD per project for winning applicants of the Technology Matching Fund.

The program seeks to generate community partnerships that support underrepresented communities to benefit from technology services. It is expected that resources handled by the community itself will be better destined to solve main local challenges that governments could not address. Since 1998, the fund has provided more than $4.2 million dollars to more than 300 projects.

The deadline to apply for funds is May 3, however some explanatory workshops took place in March 20 and April 5.

Before the application deadline of May 3, the city will also lead two explanatory workshops on March 29 and April 5.

Sources: Seattle MediumSatescoop