Punto México Conectado has trained 5,382 people in Guadalajara, Jalisco

The government of Guadalajara, Jalisco and the Mexican Ministry of Transportation and Communications announced that during the past 2 years, ICT training was provided to 5,382 people as part of the national México Conectado program digital literacy program. Participants have learned both basic and advanced skills related to robotics, internet browsing, computing, innovation and entrepreneurism at the city’s digital inclusion hub.

Courses taught at the digital innovation hub target children (starting from 8 years), adolescents, youth and adults of all ages. Participants become members of the Punto México Conectado hub without any cost through a brief sign-up mechanism. So far, the most demanded courses have been those related to Digital Literacy and Robotics, which respond to the needs of 60% of the participants, followed by Entrepreneurism and Innovation for 2 out of 10 beneficiaries.

Source: Digitall Post