Legislation suggested to require digital products and services in Europe to be accessible for persons with disabilities

The Internal Market Committee of the European Union provided its first approval of a set of rules that require key digital products and services to be made accessible for persons with disabilities. The proposed European Accessibility Act sets a list of accessibility requirements for a list of technologies including ATMs, ticketing and check-in machines, computers, smartphones, Television’s equipment, banking services, e-books, transportation and e-commerce platforms.

Whereas the legislation will establish what are the functional performance requirements for accessibility, it does not provide technical solutions for enabling this change. It is expected that this sort of policy will encourage organizations to innovate in order to adopt accessible technologies that make their products more competitive in the market.

Organizations that employ less than 10 persons and have an annual balance that is lower than 2 million euros will be exempted from the policy to safeguard the development of Micro-enterprises.

Source: GAATES