Second International ¨Soy Accesible¨ week organized by Cepat in Spain

Last May 22-26, the Center for State Reference of Personal Autonomy and Technical Support (Ceapat in Spanish) of Spain organized its second International “Soy Accesible” week to discuss solutions for providing equal access to services for persons with disabilities. During the event, multiple activities were organized, including guided visits, round table discussions, conferences, workshops and research presentations. Over 500 participants were present.

The closure conference for the event was about “Opportunities for promoting Accessibility in ICTs from a global development perspective.” It was presented by Dr. Roxana Widmer-Iliescu, Senior Programme Officer for Digital Inclusion at the International Telecommunication Union introduced by Dr. Miguel Ángel Valero, Director of Ceapat, Institute for Migration and Social Services.

Find here “Soy Accesible´s” official program