Second edition of CódigoX 2017 to attract Mexican girls and women into STEM fields

The second edition of “CódigoX 2017: girls and women, the future of technology” took place during the first week of June in Mexico to address the gender divide in the field of ICTs. This initiative, organized by the Office of the National Digital Strategy of the Presidency of the Republic, groups organizations from the academia, industry, civil society and government to provide more women and girls with tools to get involved with technology.

The event received more than 800 women and girls, and included a series of conferences and workshops related to topics such as programming, virtual reality and robotics. Additionally, a Hackaton was organized for students to develop solutions related to solving issues such as sexual education, cybersecurity and smart cities. Further benefits are provided to participants through a mentoring program to promote networks between students and women STEM field leaders.

Some of the organizations that participated in the organization of the event were CANIETI, AMITI, Asociación de Internet Mx, Google, Cisco, KIO Networks, AT&T and Telefónica-Movistar, among many other public and civil organizations. More information available at CódigoX website.

Sources: Aguas Digital, SDP Noticias