Ananse the Teacher app invites children from Ghana to engage in STEM fields

One of the main challenges of programs relating to digital inclusion is to follow up on the projects of participants. In the case of Tigo Digital Changemakers competition, a note was recently published sharing the story of Josephine, cowinner of the 2015 edition of the contest and now creator of Ananse the Teacher application to leverage local folklore to engage children from Ghana in STEM fields.

Ananse the Teacher application was designed to operate on Android phones and provide examples of basic experiments from the basic curricula of the Ghana Education Service. According to Josephine, “Ananse was such a popular character in local stories when I was growing up, I found him in local books and my best memories were stories from my grandmother. What we have done with this app is continue with the Ananse stories and experiments in a much more engaging way which allows children to participate in the activities.”

Through this software, Josephine and her team intend to get children engaged into learning science skills, but also utilizing technology to be better prepared for the future.

Source: My Joy Online