Microsoft’s Affordable Access Initiative provides funds six African startups to promote access to internet

Six African startups received grants from Microsoft’s Affordable Access Initiative to implement their projects for increasing access to internet services in their regions. The winners of these grants will receive seed funding and will be included in a network of peers that will support them to accomplish their goals.

While the program is mainly focused on providing infrastructure to different populations, the selected beneficiaries will also gain access to a set of Microsoft’s resources that include diverse software development platforms. Additionally, they will be able to collaborate with Microsoft Philanthropies to provide digital literacy and education programs to the communities in which they implement their projects.

The recipients of the grants for this second year were:

  • Kukua Weather Services (Uganda)
  • Solaris Offgrid (Tanzania)
  • Standard Microgrid (Zambia)
  • SunCulture (Kenya)
  • VisionNet (Democratic Republic of Congo)
  • WrightGrid (Democratic Republic of Congo).

According to Alex Okuozni Bahati, founder of one of the winning projects, VisionNet, “It is important for me to provide internet, especially in the education sector, because I believe in the power of education and how transformative access to information can be.”

Source: Disrupt Africa