Neighborhood Innovation Lab invites youth to work for their communities

The government of New York City announced the creation of its first smart city Neighborhood Innovation Lab in Brooklyn to provide tech education and digital skills to youth from the region. It is projected that the initiative reach 1,000 youths by the end of 2017 through different workshops related to skills such as application development and product design.

The creation of this lab in March will provide residents with a space to share ideas and innovate through technology. It is intended to enable participants to test smart city tools, collaborate and learn about different technology tools. Besides from community involvement, the hub seeks for collaboration from other organizations, such as the Bank of New York Mellon, which has provided workshops as part of the lab’s activity.

The local government is currently funding the Neighborhood Innovation Lab with a budget of $250,000 USD per year, however, further labs may be created in the adjacent neighborhoods. According to New York’s Major, Bill de Blasio, Brownsville Innovation Lab “will connect residents to resources, dynamic education opportunities, and deliver a significant boost to economic development in the neighborhood.”

Source: Statescoop