Microsoft and Young Bangla will train 50,000 students in Bangladesh

Microsoft and Young Bangla youth network partnered to provide computer training for 50,000 students in national educational institutions. Through their curriculum, these institutions intend to better prepare students for future employment through a brief overview of troubleshooting operating systems and hardware.

So far, Young Bangla has collaborated with 2,100 educational institutions and picked up 25 students from each of them to enlist them for the Microsoft Digital Literacy program. According to Sonia Bashir Kabir, Managing Director of Microsoft Bangladesh, “Given that ICT is the future in creating self-employment opportunities, we look forward to taking the light of ICT among grassroots students.”

As a next step to follow-up on the program, another initiative has been hinted to prepare 20,000 students with digital freelancing skills to become self-employed.

Source: The Daily Star