+Simple program in Argentina starts providing access to ICTs for seniors

Argentina’s government has received constant attention from media through 2017 because of the wide variety of initiatives being implemented to promote digital literacy in different levels of the population. As part of one of its ongoing programs, a call was just released by ENACOM inviting seniors to receive free tablets with pre-determined applications that could be useful for their everyday lives.

In order to participate, beneficiaries have to either make a call or access the program’s website. Participants will be signed up for a raffle and the winners will receive the tablets with further information to strengthen their digital skills. The first phase will take place in the following cities: Córdoba, Mendoza, General Pueyrredón (Mar del Plata), Santa fe, Paraná, Salta, San Miguel de Tucumán y la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.

Besides from providing seniors with access to valuable tools, the program is expected to support them to share the value of their experience and knowledge utilizing technology.

Sources: El Once