Code Niagara encouraging youth from the community to learn coding skills

Code Niagara is a non-profit organization that was created to provide Canadian youth with digital tools and skills to utilize in their future careers. The goals of the group were established based on recent reports that have stated that Canada will face a shortage of 200,000 IT jobs in the next three years.

However, what is special about this organization is that it is targeted only to a small region. According to Yashvi Shah of Code Niagara, “When I went to Toronto and Montreal, I found that the big cities have already mobilized — they’re ready, they’re encouraging their youth, they’re exposing them while they’re in school… Smaller communities like ours are being left behind, so I thought instead of trying to bring Niagara to the city, let’s bring the city back to Niagara — let’s bring some of these really important skills back to Niagara.”

The group engages students aged 12-18 through workshops, mentorship sessions and events with industry leaders. It seeks to let students learn about programming, design thinking and product management, all skills that are necessary for becoming part of the tech industry. However, it is not only tailored for them, coding is a skill that is recently gaining relevance for many other professions.

Source: Niagara Falls Review