Digital Inclusion Center and accessibility conference to boost digital inclusion in Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is adopting different strategies to promote equal access to digital literacy and infrastructure in the country as part of the Digital Republic national program. During the first week of September, a Digital Inclusion Center was created followed by an accessibility conference to raise awareness about the needs of persons with disabilities.

The Digital Inclusion Center was created by the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications to provide access to ICT skills training for children, youth, adults and entrepreneurs. Additionally, the local government announced that it would establish public Wi-Fi spots around the community to address the lack of infrastructure.

On the other hand, the accessibility conference was organized through the collaboration of the National Council for Persons with Disabilities and G3ict. Its main objective was to group key policy stakeholders to learn about ICT accessibility needs and incorporate what they learn into their daily jobs. The seminar also included participation from other organizations such as Barrier Break, Linkenium and Disabled People’s International.

The main topics discussed during the conference were: barriers to technology adoption, key stakeholders and policies, Digital Republic program, successful implementation of accessibility programs, mobile and web training, and equal access to ICT public services.

Sources: Diario Social RD and El Nuevo Diario