Girls Got IT to encourage girls’ entrepreneurship in Lebanon

Girls Got IT event is an initiative supported by UNICEF through the Youth Innovation Labs program to promote digital literacy among girls in Akkar, Lebanon. The program consists in a forum where tech professionals and entrepreneurs shared their stories with more than 100 young girls in order to invite them to further explore STEM related fields.

Girls Got IT is organized by five non-profit local organizations under the leadership of the Lebanese League for Women in Business and in collaboration with the Lebanese Ministry of Education. Throughout the event, participants took part in a series of hands-on activities and got the opportunity to interact with professionals from the industry.

According to Ms. Asmahan Zein, President of LLWB, “Girls Got IT, being in the heart of Akkar and in various cities across Lebanon, will benefit the entire community and narrows the gender gap in the Information Technology world… Our aim is to empower the youth, providing unique opportunities, and raise awareness on the startup ecosystem in Akkar.”

For more information, visit Girls Got IT

Source: Rellief Web