Ghana’s growing ICT sector, from digital literacy to entrepreneurism

On August 30, Ghana’s office of Engage Now Africa celebrated International Literacy Day through the launch of an adult literacy campaign focused on the digital world. While the main goal of the organization is to improve adult literacy in the region, during this year’s event awareness was raised on the relevance of internet connectivity and digital skills as part of basic contemporary literacy skills, urging the government to take action in this direction

According to Mrs. Amankwah, Director of ENA, “For many, digital technologies provide better access to information and knowledge that used to be out of reach or costly, while facilitating the use of obtained information and knowledge. Digital technologies also enable host services – including administrative, educational, health and agricultural ones to be delivered in a more accessible efficient way.”

Furthermore, digital skills can be beneficial on many different levels. While in some regions of Ghana, the main concern is to generate basic digital literacy skills, in others access to technology is promoting economic development. For instance, Ghana’s new Accra Digital Center was just created to promote entrepreneurship and growth in the country. This hub, sponsored by Ghana’s Ministry of Communications was built with support from the World Bank and Rockefeller Foundation to provide local digital entrepreneurs with infrastructure to enhance their businesses.

It is comprised of a collection of 12 old warehouses that were renovated to generate 10,000 direct jobs through ICTs mostly targeting youth.

Sources: IT Web Africa and Ghana News