Canada leverages indigenous peoples’ talent to grow the digital economy

Digital Talent

Digital Talent

One of the main strengths of Canada’s National Digital Talent Strategy is that it seeks to leverage the skills of youth from different groups of the population to fulfill its demand for IT labor. The plan contemplates the specific cases of women, youth, immigrants, indigenous peoples and persons with disabilities.

According to the Digital Talent – Road to 2020 and Beyond report published by the Information and Communications Technology Council, currently 3% of the digital economy in the country is represented by indigenous peoples. While this number has been increasing during the past few years, there are still challenges to be solved for achieving higher levels of inclusion.

According to Namir Anani, ICTC president and CEO, “Canada’s growing young indigenous population is an important talent source for the digital economy. Harnessing the full potential of this talent supply will be paramount in the next number of years.”

Source: IT World Canada and Digital Talent, Road to 2020 and Beyond