FutureNL teaches digital literacy to kids in the Netherlands

All 474 primary schools in the Netherlands will be part of the “Micro:bit expedition” organized by Foundation FutureNL. The program consists in providing training both for teachers and students to show them how to use micro:bit devices for learning digtal skills in a fun way. It seeks to encourage children to get involved in technology related activities in their future.

The program will involve kids from 6, 7 and 8 grade, and will take place during the European Code Week in mid October 2017. Given that in the Netherlands digital literacy is still not mandatory in the curriculum (unlike other countries from the region), FutureNL aims to provide children with early access to technology, forecasting a growing need for professionals with high tech skills.

According to Prince Constantijn from the Advisoty Board of FutureNL, “Our children should not only be users, but also makers of digital technology, this is not only important for their personal development and their chances in the labor market. It is also essential for the innovation and competitiveness of the Netherlands. Therefore, programming must be given priority in primary and secondary education.”

Source: Nl Times