Teaching Tolerance Digital Literacy Framework trains children to become online savvy

Teaching Tolerance

Teaching Tolerance

SPLC’s Teaching Tolerance project is a digital literacy framework for K-12 students that supports teachers to guide children to become online savvy. It contains guidance and resources to help children determine the reliability of online sources, recognize the veracity of information, and participate responsibly in online social communities.

The Teaching Tolerance Digital Literacy Framework offers seven key areas to improve children’s digital and civic literacy skills. Through a series of contents such as informational videos, checklists, handouts and vocabulary lists, it enables teachers to guide children to use digital technologies efficiently and responsibly.

Through the courses, students learn how to locate and verify sources of information, the processes followed by search algorithms, engagement mechanisms in digital communities, maintaining privacy and safety online, producing accurate information, assessing the online market place and recognizing the value of internet as a platform for civic action.

Source: SPL Center and Tolerance.org