More than 40,000 Colombians to receive in-person and online digital skills training

The Ministry of Governance from Valle del Cauca and the Colombian Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies are offering more than 40,000 in-person and virtual courses for citizens from the region. Through a series of “Digital Schools for Peace”, the local authorities are seeking to provide citizens with access to technology skills to become more productive and increase their employability.

During the first phase of the program, 4,600 places will be available for inhabitants from Ansermanuevo, Obando, Cali, Ulloa, El Cairo and Calima to learn about basic digital literacy. This course will teach participants how to use a computer and mobile devices. Additionally, 38,000 places for 28 virtual courses will be provided to develop skills in digital communications and rights, e-commerce, online regulation, and cyber-security, among other topics.

Courses are available in Spanish through portal.

Source: Caracol