‘What the Tech?!’ engages university students and staff in promoting digital literacy for the elderly

‘What the Tech?!’ is a digital literacy program developed by staff and student volunteers from the Imperial College Business School in London. It consists in weekly sessions at the Edward Woods Community Center, where volunteers support elderly members from White City community to learn how to use their laptops, tablets and smartphones. Students guide seniors to learn different skills such as sending photos and videos, downloading applications or being safe online.

According to Mobeen Iqbal, volunteer and Doctoral student at the Business School, “What The Tech?! has been a fantastic opportunity for students to step out of university and give back to the community. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting the elderly residents of the Edward Woods community and truly value the learning experience this project has offered. I look forward to helping this initiative grow and continue finding ways for university students to give back to the community across all age groups.”

Beside the promotion of digital literacy among vulnerable groups from the city, the program has created an opportunity to engage both students and staff into volunteering opportunities that enhance the wellbeing of the community.

More information about the program is available by contacting p.pallan@imperial.ac.uk

Source: Imperial