Everyone Can Code Initiative to share Swift programming curriculum for students worldwide

Apple announced a global expansion of the Everyone Can Code Initiative to provide more than 20 universities from different countries with a full-year curriculum to teach students from all backgrounds coding and app design skills in Swift programming language. The course was designed by Apple engineers and educators, and seeks to provide students with skills and tools to be employed as application developers. In some cases, it will also be shared with teachers in order to increase their levels of digital literacy and enable them to better support their students.

Some of the universities that will join the program include RMIT University in Australia, Mercantec in Denmark, Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen in the Netherlands, Unitec Institute of Technology in New Zealand and Plymouth University in the UK. According to Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO: “We are proud to work with many schools around the world who share our vision of empowering students with tools that can help them change the world.”