Two main social media organizations launch broad digital skills initiatives

In November 2017, two of the biggest social media organizations – Facebook and Twitter – launched digital skills programs to boost technology entrepreneurship and youth tech literacy.


Facebook announced the Community Boost program to take place in 30 cities in the United States of America in 2018. The program will teach digital skills and internet literacy for unemployed people in order to provide them with tools to find jobs, become entrepreneurs, or grow their small businesses.

The program will offer participants access to skills such as utilizing social media to search for jobs, leveraging technology for elaborating business solutions and grasping technology concepts such as cloud computing and Internet of Things. Additionally, online safety and privacy fundamentals will be taught to participants. The organization announced that it will seek to partner with community leaders to better address local needs.


Twitter and UNICEF gathered a group of 50 teenagers in Dublin to discuss about digital literacy and activism. The #DigitalYouth17 event was organized to promote the consolidation of networks to come up with solutions to challenges related to the influence of digital technologies on young people. Some of the main issues presented were the digital divide and youth online safety.

According to Sinead McSweeney, managing director of Twitter Ireland: “It is of great importance that young people develop critical media skills. Digital literacy should be built into our approach to education and be a core topic in schooling. As online tools become more ubiquitous, it is vital that we build resilience, a critical eye and digital literacy in students so they have the skills to successfully navigate the modern world.”

Source:AD World,Facebook,Digital Journal and tech crunch