eFounders Initiative gathers young African entrepreneurs to learn ICT skills to boost their businesses

Alibaba Business School and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) launched the eFounders initiative as a first step to help empower 1,000 entrepreneurs in developing countries over the next five years. During the first phase, 24 young Africa-based entrepreneurs will be brought together in Hangzhou, China, to provide them with tools and skills to leverage technology for growing their businesses in their home markets.

According to Mukhisa Kituyi, Secretary-General of UNCTAD, “Today, we have to be smart to make sure we do not miss the opportunity e-commerce represents, both as an engine of growth and as a source of inclusiveness… there are sharp differences on how countries use it and benefit from it.”

Participants during the first phase were selected from a pull of 700 applicants and are recognized as pioneers in fields ranging from mobile payments and big data, to logistics and other technology services. After the training, they are expected to apply their learnings in their businesses and share them with other organizations to increase awareness about the benefits that ICTs can bring for promoting economic growth in their regions.

The course will be imparted throughout two weeks and will include topics such as capacity-building in e-commerce, inventory management, rural online commerce and mobile payment systems, among others.

Source: India Education Diary