Facebook initiatives will train 50,00 Nigerian students through 2018

Facebook announced it will train over 50,000 Nigerian students, small businesses and creative entrepreneurs in 2018 to use digital tools to promote economic growth. In order to achieve this goal, the organization intends to develop a series of digital skills programs and workshops that will not only focus on providing participants with digital skills, but also on nurturing the community’s growth in collaboration with local partners.

The trainings will seek to drive innovation and skills development to empower youth to become more competitive in the labor market. Some of the programs that will join this wide initiative include Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Jobs for Youth, Boost your Business, Creative Entrepreneurship Training, and Online Safety Digital Literacy Training in Schools and Universities.

The programs are based on the premise that most of the jobs offered for new generations require digital skills, and tools such as social media and other online platforms are key for small businesses as well as young organizations to strive in a competitive economic landscape.

Source: World Stage Group