Empleando Digital provides Spanish underserved communities with digital skills to find jobs

In December 2017 Cruz Roja España, Fundación Secretariado Gitano and Fundación Accenture launched a new initiative called “Empleando Digital” whose main purpose is to train vulnerable populations to obtain jobs through ICT skills. During the next two years, nine autonomous communities will participate in the program supporting more than 200 people.

Some of the main features of this campaign will be the elaboration of a Labor Intelligence Solution to analyze data to find out which skills will be more effective to enhance labor opportunities for underserved communities. The training will also seek to generate awareness about the digital culture and which tools are likely to be useful to land in work opportunities.

Additionally, the program emphasizes the fact that even the simplest jobs currently require knowledge about digital devices. For instance, according to Efe Toni Bruel general coordinator of Cruz Roja, people transporting goods to a storehouse require at least 3 or four devices to accomplish their goals successfully.

Source: La Vanguardia