Sixth information and Communication Technology and Accessibility conference in Oman

Last December 19-21, the sixth “Information and Communication Technology and Accessibility” conference took place in Oman. During the event, different stakeholders including researchers, experts and students, gathered to discuss about possible alternatives to improve technology accessibility for persons with disabilities throughout the entire region.

The conference was organized through the collaboration of four organizations: the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO), the Islamic Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (ISESCO), the Research Laboratory of Technologies of Information & Communication & Electrical Engineering (LaTICE) from the University of Tunis, and the Tunisian Association E-Access from Sultan Qaboos University.

Nearly 89 papers were covered during the conference and 17 posters presented. Participants ranged from local experts to speakers from the United Nations and the Commonwealth of Learning.

Source: GAATES