GirlCode launches a series of initiatives to train South African women and girls in ICT

GirlCode is a non-profit South African Organization founded in 2014 as a female-only hackathon to engage girls in pursuing technology occupations. Throughout the past four years, the organization has continued to grow and in 2017 it attracted 117 participants next to six sponsors to its main yearly event in Johannesburg.

Now, the organization has announced its plan for launching a new series of programs in 2018 next to the expansion of the hackathon to other major cities including Cape Town and Durban. Its new initiatives will be aimed to impact girls and women across Africa in the next 10 years, and will include a Digital Academy to spread basic computing skills, a 10-month accelerator to provide girls with hands-on experience in technology organizations, and the expansion of GirlCode workshops to provide girls with coding skills utilizing tools such as HTML, Java and WordPress.

As expressed by Zandile Keebine, GirlCode founder, “We have to be intentional in our efforts and committed to bringing opportunities to girls in rural areas and disadvantaged communities. Technology is increasingly becoming part of our lives, making digital literacy fundamental for everyone. With half the population being female, if we don’t start upskilling girls today, it means we’re leaving half of our potential IP out of the solutions we should be creating. It’s not enough for girls to simply play with technology; we have to encourage them and give them the chance to understand, create and work with it.”

Source: ITWeb