Maison Digital in Guinea will boost social inclusion by training women and girls to leverage the potential of ICTs

Orange Foundation launched a new Digital House (Maison Digitale) in Guinea to promote social inclusion and female rights leveraging digital technologies. The program was implemented with the support of Wafrica and SARINKA, as well as financial resources from the French Embassy.

At the center, participants will work with kits containing laptops, tablets, video projectors, printers, scanners, USB memory sticks and educational software. During the first year, 15 females from underserved communities, 15 girls from secondary school and 2 members from a non-profit organization will learn how to use technology to become better students and managers.

As explained by M. Bah Sékou, General Manager for SARINKA ONG, the program will promote the social and professional inclusion of vulnerable citizens. Furthermore, he expressed, beneficiaries will learn how to use informatics through functional alphabetization that will support them to better perform on their activities. Additionally, girls participating will have a base to enhance their logical thinking skills.

Sources:Guinee News