website developed by Boys & Girls Club helps children from USA to develop digital skills

Comcast NBC Universal and Boys & Girls Club – one of the largest after-school providers of digital literacy training for children in the United States with more than 4,300 clubs around the country – developed, a website which offers opportunities to learn coding, media-making, music and other digital skills. The service will be available for more than 4 million kids to develop their technology skills and interact with each other.

According to Edwin Link, national vice president of educational foundations and academic innovations at Boys & Girls Clubs of America, this is a significant improvement considering that it will support children with no access to proper digital equipment preparing them for a future where STEM jobs are growing fast. “The youth we serve need these skills, we want to ensure that they are not the last in line” he said.

Through, children can share their media projects and like the ones from their peers. Additionally, they can work on different educational activities to earn digital badges based on their achievements. They have profiles that are not accessible to the public and can build their portfolios of work with support from staff members.

The development of the platform takes place in a context of growing interest for developing solutions to provide kids with access to better digital literacy opportunities. Some examples are 4-H in partnership with Google or Girl Scouts of the USA offering cybersecurity badges for internet security achievements.

Source:Youth Today