Tecnosaber Project to promote digital inclusion for underserved youth in São Leopoldo, Brazil

During the first week of January 2018, the government of São Leopoldo -city in the south state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil,- launched the TecnoSaber Project to promote digital inclusion for youth and adults from public shelters, including Casa de Acolhimento, Centro de Referência para PopulaçãoAdulta de Rua(Crepar) and Albergue Municipal Bom Pastor. The project was organized through the collaboration of the local ministries of education, social integration and social development.

Courses will begin to take place on January 22 at the Núcleo de Tecnologia Educacional Municipal, agent from the local ministry of education. According to the organizers, it will provide vulnerable youth with basic informatics knowledge to become competitive in the labor market. According to Ângela Machado, local Secretary of Social Development, the project is also expected to help participants to access government services and improve their opportunities to become active citizens.

Source: Revista News