Media literacy necessary to benefit from access to digital devices

Given the excessive amount of information that is available online nowadays, increasing digital literacy is not anymore only a matter of providing everyone with access to technology tools and services, but also to share skills to analyze the veracity and value of data. Media literacy is relevant because it empowers technology users to benefit from access to information, have better learning opportunities, become competitive in the labor market and be able to participate in their communities.

In a recent article published for The Good Man Project, Maria Miko discussed the importance of information literacy and elaborated a guide to determine the veracity of news and other online contents. Her main recommendations included staying up-to-date on current trends, filtering contents and verifying sources of information to corroborate where it comes from. These skills can only be acquired through continuous practice and active discussions to promote analytical thinking.

There is no doubt that organizations promoting digital literacy should also focus on preparing new technology users to evaluate the information they access. This will enable them to improve their opportunities to strive in the knowledge society.

Source: Good Men Project