Group of ICT experts gathers in Costa Rica to discuss about youth digital inclusion in Latin America & the Caribbean

A group of ICT professionals, academics and policy makers from 15 different countries gathered past January 16-17 in Costa Rica to participate in the “Conectados al Sur” forum for discussing strategies to improve digital inclusion for children and youth. The event took place at Omar Dengo Foundation with the collaboration of the School of Collective Communication Sciences from the University of Costa Rica (ECCC in Spanish), the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society of Harvard University, the Institute of Image and Communication from the University of Chile, Faro Digital from Argentina and UNICEF Costa Rica.

This is the third time the initiative has taken place and was strategically located to recognize Central America’s leadership in connecting the efforts from the north and the south of the continent to boost Digital Inclusion initiatives for youth. According to Lionel Brossil, one of the organizers, “We are trying to connect different sectors to work, build a connection between academia, private sector, and to continue improving with mutual support.”

Through the event, digital inclusion for youth was discussed from the perspectives of digital citizenship, artificial intelligence and the digital economy. The activities were tailored to present new research methodologies, design for youth, participative research, skills for building narratives and digital contents, information visualization, and the adaptation of Internet and mobile technologies for youth in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Source: El Universal and La Republica