releases online series to explain children how computers work released a series of six short YouTube videos where well-known IT professionals explain how computers work. The videos are expected to be used by teachers to introduce their students to computing through less than half an hour of dynamic audiovisual media. The topics describe what are computers, how they store and transmit data, circuits and logic, memory allocation, inputs & outputs, hardware and software.

The videos were published in the midst of’s fourth year report indicating improvements in the number of students and teachers participating, knowledge exams and diversity in the classrooms. While the report is mostly focused on schools from the United States,’s contents and activities are available for anyone online and benefit children worldwide by increasing the level of coding taught in schools. According to their report, their Code Studio Coding platform has been used by 1/10 of all students on the planet, but what matters the most is the number of teachers that incorporate coding into their classrooms.

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