Eagle Labs maker space to boost entrepreneurship in Scotland

A new Eagle Labs maker space hub was launched in Edinburgh, Scotland to boost entrepreneurship in the region by teaching innovators how to leverage ICTs to grow their businesses. The maker space will provide entrepreneurs with access to digital skills training, scale-up opportunities and connections to other innovators.

These spaces for innovations are mostly focused on supporting small and medium businesses to learn skills and tools that can help them adapt to the digital economy. Members from all backgrounds includingstudents, businessmen and civil workers are encouraged to learn, build and collaborate on hardware and software development projects.

Training is provided through events, workshops and group guidance to help users learn how to use the latest technologies. Hybrid workshops are also offered combining different skills. For example, through an introduction to manufacturing and prototyping capabilities, participants can grasp different hardware and software concepts related to the Internet-of-Things (IoT) market.

According to Keith Brown MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Jobs and Fair Work, “This is a great new resource providing Scottish businesses with access to a range of experts, workshops and advice to help our workforces become equipped with the necessary skills to embrace the opportunities of digital technology.”

Source: Digi