Free digital inclusion course for rural population in Montes Claros, Brazil

The digital inclusion course offered by the Rural Syndicate of Montes Claros in Brazil, is now again open for subscribers and started on January 29, 2018. Anyone over 12 years old can sign up for the training, which shares digital skills knowledge with 20 participants each week. In the end, those who finish the course receive a certificate of accomplishment.

The course takes place in the facilities of the Rural Syndicate at the Park for Expositions Montes Claros and is offered in the mornings and afternoons. According to Ricardo Laughton, President of the Syndicate, “The course was designed to help students develop their skills using computers and internet. During the classes, they can use technology to develop their projects, improve their personal finances or make their rural businesses grow. It helps them to improve their management skills and accomplish daily tasks in a more efficient manner.”

Even though the course is designed for rural producers, there are no requirements to participate, anyone can sign up.

Source: Onortao