New Institute of Coding will boost digital skills in United Kingdom

The United Kingdom announced the creation of an Institute of Coding, which will group the efforts of 60 universities, businesses and industry experts to boost digital skills in the area. The project will leverage experience from different stakeholders, GBP 20 million funding from the government and additional GBD 20 million from the industry to train citizens of all ages.

Five core themes will be covered by the Institute of Coding:

  • University learners – increase employability through degree level qualifications and incorporating learning to address real world business problems
  • The digital workforce – develop high skills training in strategic areas
  • Digitalizing the professions – adapt professions undergoing digital transformation
  • Widening participation – promote equality and diversity in technology education
  • Knowledge sharing and sustainability – share outcomes and good practices, and boost digital skills specialized research

According to Universities Minister, Sam Gyimah “A world-class pipeline of digital skills are essential to the UK’s ability to shape our future. By working together, universities, employers and industry leaders can help graduates build the right skills, in fields from cybersecurity to artificial intelligence to industrial design.”

Some of the businesses and universities constituting the consortium include IBM, Cisco, BT, Microsoft, University of Bath, Newscastle University, University of the Arts, University of London, and the British Computer Society.

Source:Digital by Default News