Brazilian start-up launches accessibility tool for persons with visual disabilities

Audima - Picture by Estadao

Audima – Picture by Estadao

Brazilian entrepreneur, Paula Pedroa launched Audima, new accessibility tool designed to make technology accessible for persons with vision disabilities. Based on artificial intelligence strategies, Audima converts texts into audio and enables easier navigation given that it distinguishes images from written contents.

The design of the tool was based on the creator’s interest for audiobooks as a tool that enables users to multitask while learning. However, the technology turned out to be useful not only for persons with disabilities, but also for underserved populations lacking basic reading skills. The case highlights the applicability of the universal design model, which stipulates good creations can address accessibility needs to generate services that are attractive to everyone.

A plugin is currently being created to adapt the tool for popular sites such as Facebook. More information about Audima on their official website.

Source: Brasil Estadao