Brazilian seniors to develop videogames for their grandchildren

An article published by the Brazilian journal Epoca Negócios shared some stories about seniors older than 60 years old attending coding and gaming courses to learn how videogames work to be able to play with their grandchildren and create games for them. As explained in the article, this type of learning brings multiple benefits for seniors beyond a better understanding of younger generations, for example, they help them to keep their minds active and even as a relaxation therapy.

While learning coding might not always be a simple task when a senior person has no computing background whatsoever, these organizations are offering training that begins from the lowest level of skills. As explained by some of the stories in the article, it is normally difficult in the beginning for most participants, but in the end, they all benefit from the courses. The challenge for organizers is to support users through the first month of the training so that they do not leave before the coding begins.

Courses begin with basic digital inclusion such as using a mouse or browsing the internet. Then they progress through two-dimensions videogames, developing characters and eventually they are encouraged to create their own games. The courses raise awareness about the advantages of universal accessibility and the numerous benefits that ICTs can bring for different groups of the population.

Source:Epoca Negocios Globo