Facebook will open three community digital skills centers in Europe

Responding to a trend of major technology companies, Facebook is now extending its training program in Europe to provide digital skills courses for more than one million people by the end of 2020. The organization made an announcement that it will be opening three new community skill centers or hubs in Poland, Spain and Italy. Investment will range between EUR 10-12 million.

The skills taught in the community hubs will be related to topics such as media literacy, online safety, and other technology capabilities. Participants will come from different backgrounds, including special emphasis on youth, seniors and refugees. It is expected that the training can help people to learn digital skills that help them to become employed in the digital economy.

This type of training responds to the recent discussions that took place during the World Economic Forum 2018, related to the challenges of unemployment driven by machine learning and automation of processes. A relevant detail to keep in mind is the need to collaborate in these efforts with small-sale businesses and startups to promote their growth and therefore more employment opportunities.

Source:News of Software