Indian Public Library Movement launched new program to empower girls in tech

The Indian Public Library Movement (IPLM) launched a new program called Technology for Empowering Girls/Women (TEG) that will leverage libraries to provide women and girls with access to technology training. The program, created with the collaboration of American Express and Read India at the New Delhi Municipal Council Library (NDMC), will pursue three main objectives:

  • Empowering Girls in technology
  • Empowering Girls through technology
  • Using Public Libraries as a platform to conduct the program

The training program will consist of a 42 hours basic course that will teach participants skills related to the use of technology for networking, safety, information and knowledge. Beneficiaries will also learn how to improve their careers and livelihood using technology, and will learn further soft skills that will boost their employability. Certifications will be provided for those who finish the program.

According to Ms. Geeta Malhotra, Country Director of Read India “IPLM and READ India has joined hands to train girls who are from marginalized groups to use technology for their day to day life, how they can learn basic computer and advanced computer including typing so that they can get jobs in nearby areas. The purpose is how the skills could be combined with the life skills also, so the group will be trained on life skills education as well as soft skills.”

The program is currently expected to reach 600 girls and women aged 15-25 during the next year. Further implementation in other states is expected in the next years.

Source:India Education Diary