Regional Robotix Fair to engage Mexican children in STEM fields

The Ministry of Communication and Transportation, Ministry of Public Education, Punto México Conectado network and RobotiX Foundation celebrated the Fourth Regional Robotics Fair 2018. The event took place in March 2018, throughout the 32 different Punto México Conectado digital hubs receiving more than 3,000 children that have previously participated in public robotics workshops.

Since 2015, more than 69,000 robotics courses have been implemented in these centers for basic, medium and advanced categories. Children attending these courses improve their skills by designing LEGO prototypes that have to be programed to perform a list of tasks.

Participants who won at the regional events were selected to participate in the National Robotics Fair to take place on June 2nd in Mexico City. Winners of the competition will win study trips to Silicon Valley in San Francisco, California, USA.

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