Digital skills online program was launched to upskill UK’s workforce

A new digital training program was launched by Accenture consulting firm to provide UK workforce with online learning opportunities to improve their technology skills. The free curriculum is now available for unemployed or underserved youth, entrepreneurs, people returning to the workforce, or individuals seeking to re-skill with digital knowledge to improve their employment opportunities.

The digital skills program includes seven courses, which are: grow your career, social media, web analytics, digital marketing, user experience, retail, and mobile technologies. They are shared through FutureLearn social learning platform and are designed to help learners from different levels to understand and apply basic and advanced technology concepts.

The launch of the course follows a former pilot project involving more than 1,000 participants. According to Simon Nelson, FutureLearn’s chief executive, “For those entering the job market, having proficient digital skills is imperative; school students and indeed university students will graduate into jobs that don’t yet exist. At the same time, the job for life is a thing of the past; today’s workforce is changing and we’re seeing people increasingly need to re-skill and upskill.”