Microsoft and Tech4Dev’s digital literacy training to be extended in Edo state, Nigeria

Edo state’s government in Nigeria concluded plans to partner with Microsoft and Tech4Dev to provide training for 50,000 youth on digital literacy skills as part of a state policy plan to create thousands of jobs. On April 16, the state governor announced that further instructions would be provided for participants on the EdoJobs skills development platform.

What’s mainly special about digital skills training facilitated by Microsoft and Tech4Dev alliance is that it normally adopts a train-the-trainer strategy that consists not only of teaching digital skills, but also of preparing tutors that can further extend the training in the future. In this case, 500 master trainers will be prepared in Edo state to promote step-down training for more people in the future. The topics to be covered by the program include an introduction to computers, productivity tools, workplace essentials, big data and cloud technologies, cyber security and digital lifestyles.

According to Mrs. Ukinebo Dare, Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Job Creation, “What is most impressive about this training is that it affords people to gain in-demand skills, especially as the world is moving towards tech-driven solutions to every-day problems.”

Source:This Day Live