Kazakhstan digital literacy plan sets goals for 2022

The Ministry of Information and Communication in Kazakhstan developed a plan to spread digital literacy to up to 83% of the population by 2022. This initiative is part of Digital Kazakhstan’s national program, which allocates the responsibility of improving digital skills to the Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, Ministry of Healthcare and Ministry of Agriculture.

The inclusion of several ministries in this task is intended to make sure that there is collaboration to improve digital skills for workers in all sectors thus improving the quality of services for the citizens. For this, trainings on digital skills are planned to involve approximately 385,000 professionals across the country. It is expected that by spreading the training, eight million people might benefit indirectly by gaining access to better e-government services and engagement in e-commerce.

The main strength of Kazakhstan’s plan is that it designates five different levels of digital literacy that will enable the government to generate different training programs that adapt to the needs of different groups.

Source:Astan Times