Phase3 Telecom and Django Girls collaborate to empower girls through ICTs

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Shortly after the recent Girls in ICT Day in April 2018, Phase3 Telecom started an agreement with Django Girls Abuja, a non-profit organization, to collaborate on elaborating programming workshops and digital skills training for young women in West Africa. The partnership between the two organizations exemplifies the relevance  involving infrastructure and service providers in digital inclusion initiatives to improve access to technology while spreading awareness and providing skills training.

The initiative is intended to impact African economy by empowering more women to enter the labor market with unique skills highly required for the future of the region. According to Stanley Jegede, Chief Executive Officer of Phase3 Telecom, “Early education, digitalized training, developing technology skills for girls and women as well as harnessing those skills promptly were critical to Africa’s rapid socio-economic development and sustainability.”

Source: Business Daily Online