Turkish government and Google launch program to increase digital skills of women village leaders

The government of Turkey and Google launched a digital literacy program that assimilates the Internet Saathi initiative in India, according to the newspaper Daily Sabah. During its first phase, women who are neighborhood and village leaders will be taught how to use digital technologies, empowering them to further share the knowledge with their communities.

The program is intended to train at least 200,000 women by 2023 in different IT branches, ranging from coding to digital marketing and even cybersecurity. Participants of all levels will be able to join the program and learn skills such as efficient use of e-mails, cloud computing and basic data literacy.

According to the Turkish Minister of Family and Social Policies Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya, : “we need to raise awareness and make women more efficiently use the opportunities that the digital world offers…We cannot reach our development goals without the contribution of women.”

Source: Daily Sabah