DigiGirlz Day in Malta invites 80 girls to meet ICT role models

DigiGirlz Day Malta

DigiGirlz Day Malta

Microsoft invited 80 students to Digigirlz Day in Malta, where women in the tech industry shared their views to attract young women into the STEM fields. The event enabled girls to explore different technology skills, listen to stories of success, connect with employees from the organization and participate in hands-on Lego education workshops driven by IMS Ltd, official distributors of Lego Education in Malta.

According to the President of Malta, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, speaker at the opening ceremony: “The country needs more girls in STEM subjects because this is the way forward. Unfortunately, prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping, are still the main factors that are discouraging female students from considering a career in ICT. Family, educators and society all have an active role in encouraging female students to pursue a career in ICT.”

Members of the public sector participating at the event also expressed their remarks about the importance of attracting more girls to the ICT field. For example, Rachel Gauchi, software engineer for Facebook told the girls that “IT is not just about coding or working at a computer all day long but is a subject that is found in countless industries and careers. Anyone should consider IT as a career without compromising their passion, and there are many opportunities that can help us combine IT with what we love doing best.”

Source: Lovin Malta