Thousands of students benefited from Profuturo initiative to raise digital skills in Angola

Profuturo - Picture from Jornal de Angola

Profuturo – Picture from Jornal de Angola

Profuturo is an initiative launched by catholic schools intending to provide 260,000 primary level children from Angola with access to digital classrooms by 2020. From 2016 to 2018, the program has already benefited 32,120 students and 1,323 professors from multiple provinces, including Malanaje, Uíge, Moxico, Lunda-Norte, Lunda-Sul, Luanda, Benguela, Huambo and Bengo.

During its initial phase, the program has supported 10 schools with digital skills training and technology infrastructure. The project is now beginning its second phase and plans to expand to support 16 additional schools. What makes this project special is that it not only provides access to tools and knowledge for digital training, but also an administration platform with multiple features to improve the technology capabilities of schools.

The program has been implemented in 21 countries already, benefiting 1 829 000 students. According to Cândida Simão, subdirector of a catholic school in Manalaje, students currently face the challenge of using digital tools as a requirement for a successful career.

Source: Jornal de Angola