New internet hubs will provide internet for rural families in Pontal do Paranapanema, Brazil

The government of São Paulo in Brazil with the support of Instituto de Terras São Paulo (Itesp) Foundation will open 16 additional internet hubs for rural families in Pontal do Paranapanema to access connectivity services. In collaboration with Acessa SP, the local government is currently providing free internet access to more than 500 communities in the region.

The deployment of infrastructure to support additional rural communities is expected to provide farmers with the agency to improve their communication and adopt ICT tools that can improve the local economy. Additionally, beneficiaries are expected to use connectivity to leverage public services such as telemedicine or online education.

According to Marco Silva, subdirector of Policy Deployment of Itesp Foundation: “access to internet is necessary to promote digital inclusion in rural communities in a world where communications are each time faster. It enables rural communities to have better opportunities for economic development.”

Acessa SP will provide access infrastructure such as routers, servers and other equipment, while Itesp will offer rooms to work, chairs, tables and computers.

Source:  São Paulo Government