Nigeria teaches youth how to code to raise their employability

CodeLagos Learner Opportunities

CodeLagos Learner Opportunities

In a context of high youth unemployment in Nigeria, the government of Lagos has implemented a series of programs to better prepare the young population to become competitive in the labor market. In general, these training programs focus on entrepreneurship, soft skills and business tools that can make youth employable in different industries.

One of the main initiatives leveraged by the state’s government is Code Lagos, which is an initiative aimed at teaching 1 million residents to code by 2020. In 2017, the program finished its pilot phase in 67 public and private schools, exposing more than 5,000 students to its curriculum. Today, Code Lagos has trained over 31,000 citizens in programming, while 364 Coding Centers have been set up in 352 primary and secondary schools throughout the state.

As the program continues to expand, the goal is to train 150,000 additional citizens by December 2018. It is expected that by providing youth with access to advanced digital skills such as coding, it will be possible to increase their employability.

Source: The Nation Online Ng